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How to improve your sales performance

Finding, winning and retaining business is not just having good sales people on your team.  There’s much more to it than that.  At PTS we’ve been delivering sales training for over 30 years that focuses on applying the skills, structures and behaviours to take your sales team to the next level.


Imagine a matrix – better still look at this one:



  • Finding, winning and retaining business are three different skill sets – and ones that can be taught to people with potential.
  • Structure is all about the systems and processes that underpin the lifecycle of a sale.  If your structure isn’t working well your sales team will have to work much harder to succeed.
  • Behaviours are the learned habits that your people need to have in place to apply your systems and processes (or Structure) at every step of the sale, so success becomes simple.


It doesn’t matter how talented your team are, without a sound structure and the application to use it properly, your sales could be falling short of the mark.

Can you tick every box on the matrix?


Whether you need a bit of support or a serious overhaul you’ll find our seasoned sales leadership and development consultants will help you to get substantial returns on investment.

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