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John ConstableJohn Constable is passionate about value. He’s committed to the belief that the secret of business success is all about value.


John has been in the world of business for a long time – and has been part of Progressive Training Services since 1984.

“It started out when I decided to create my own career and came out of corporate life to run a business helping companies with presentations, sales conferences and events. This grew into training people with presentations and sales and I haven’t looked back!” he says.

There have been phenomenal results, not just from the training, but DURING the training. John explains:

“We carry out live sales activities on the course. At first everyone thought we were barking mad and it frightened the delegates – even the seasoned sales reps! However, delegates got sign ups on their first calls and it proved a big hit. We’ve had literally millions of dollars, pounds and euros in sales on various training programmes.”


John leads a team of seasoned professionals – they’ve all done their time in the corporate environment and understand the challenges of today’s marketplace. John has invested his time, knowledge and experience in developing the unique diagnostic tool good2GREAT to help organisations to identify opportunities to achieve much higher levels of performance, output and delivery.


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Programmes and consultancy projects are designed to be objective and realistic, not complex and clunky. Training is enjoyable as well as challenging and consultancy is practical and based on what can be achieved, not what might be achieved (with a mountain of extra resources).
PTS are far from ‘just another training company’ – as you’ll discover if you choose to work with them.





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