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Campaign based training

Sales campaigns that deliver

Focused campaigns are a great was to improve sales over a specific time period. Everyone knows what they have to achieve, a clear goal and a defined target. However, often, a sales campaign fails to deliver what everyone hopes for resulting in disappointment and demotivation.


That may be because the preparation for and from everyone didn’t lay a strong enough foundation from which to really take off. The good2GREAT diagnostic tool is a great place to start discovering what could be improved.


A PTS campaign-based training programme looks at:

  • The current figures and performance
  • New business
  • Existing customers
  • Customer service opportunities

… and takes place in real time.


The whole team is energised and motivated and the process kicks off during the training programme – and starts delivering results right away!



You could give your sales team – and profit line – a shot of adrenalin to boost their performance. Call in PTS to start your campaign based training programme today. All it takes is one phone call to 0845 458 9461 or drop us an email for more information.