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Champions programme

People with passion

Change doesn’t happen in the boardroom or in the training room – although both those places may be where the first steps are taken. The problem is that, without fuel, the sparks will quickly go out – and your service suffers.


You will almost certainly remember a really great idea that never really got started simply because everyone was too busy. If you’ve been in a board and heard the frustration about people resisting new ways of doing things you’ll know how important it is to get momentum.


Champions are the torch carriers for these projects. They’re the people with passion who drive things forwards; keep an eye on progress, encourage, energise and – when necessary – give things a push.


The Champions Programme is designed to help you to identify your champions and then equip them to succeed.


Champions are invaluable when:

  • You’re undergoing a merger or take-over and cultural change is needed
  • A new structure needs to be implemented
  • New equipment or systems are installed
  • A major project needs a new way of working
  • You’re taking the organisation from good2GREAT


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