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Customer focus

Putting your customer in the spotlight

Customer Focus

Putting your customers in the spotlight so everyone in your organisation focusses on the customer

Without customers you would not have a business – however, it’s easy for people to forget that when they’re busy. It is so easy to lose a customer and, unless there’s a compelling reason for them to stay with you, it may simply take a chance meeting with one of your competitors to dislodge them.


Customers are a critical factor if you’re taking your organisation from good2GREAT. The only way to keep customers is to not only make them happy, but turn them into raving fans.


This takes effort and isn’t just ’exceeding customer expectations’, but putting them in the spotlight where everyone in your organisation can see why they’re getting paid. As the saying goes:

‘If you’re not serving a customer,
you’d better be serving someone who is.’

This means that caring for the customer should be in the forefront of everyone’s mind – whether that’s sales, purchasing, finance, marketing, stores, production, front office, administration or research and development.


Whether people interact with customers face-to-face, by phone, email or internet – the standard of service should ‘knock their socks off’!


Arriving at that level of service takes effort and that’s where the Champions and Tiger Teams programmes really make a difference. Find out how to catapult your service levels onto the world platform.


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