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Developing managers

Are you just managing – or inspiring your team to perform?

Developing ManagersThe role of a manager is a crucial one. Poor managers end up with a team of poor performers – even managers who have reasonably good interpersonal skills can end up with average results.


The sad truth is that most people become managers by default. They’ve become very good at their original role and, as a reward, are promoted. They now have to manage other people – and yet most people are not trained in the essential skills they need to do this.


If your good2GREAT diagnostic has identified that you have gaps in your management processes, these development programmes offer:

  • Leadership to inspire and motivate so people not only follow, but follow with enthusiasm.
  • Innovation, and the ability to spot creative solutions, original thinkers and encourage and nurture them.
  • Customer awareness – both internal and external customers and the ability to relate to and communicate with them effectively.


These are just a few – find out more about:



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