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Mapping the route to profit

good2Great discover how to upgrade your profits - fast!

good2Great – discover how to upgrade your profits – fast!

Its not enough to provide your sales team with the kind of springboard where they can really perform you need to look at 17 key criteria in your organisation– and make sure that they are working at optimum level.


With these in place your sales team will be operating like Olympic athletes and your profits will break records!


The good2GREAT diagnostic is based on a consultancy framework – working with you to identify what is in place and what can be improved. It is based on your own analysis of current performance and delivery levels.


Once you’ve worked through the good2GREAT process:

  • You’ll achieve laser focus on your value proposition – and enable your sales team to be much more precisely targeted.
  • Every department of your organisation will be able to see clearly what you’re aiming to deliver – and exactly who your target markets are.
  • The whole organisation will be more finely focused and the results will be reflected in the profit line.

PTS don’t pretend to be able ‘fix’ everything, but you will develop a robust plan to move forwards.


The first step is a no-obligation discussion. Once you’ve seen what this scientific process can really do you can make that critical decision about what to do next.



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