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The right sense of direction

There’s a lot more to being a leader than simply shouting ‘follow me’! Leading is about people; a good leader needs to:

  • Understand each follower – their strengths and weaknesses and how to get the best out of them
  • Be able to build up, inspire and encourage
  • Know where they’re going – and be able to map out the most effective route and keep their followers on track during the journey


Some people have natural leadership skills, but most people have to learn some, if not all, of them.


Whether you need

  • Guidance and support to help you to hone your leadership and people skills
  • To work with a team of leaders developing a sound business plan and learn how to persuade your followers to get on board


To take your managers from good2GREAT the experienced consultants and trainers in the PTS team will provide the leadership layer, based on practical, real-life business situations.


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