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People Power (PRIZM)

Innovative problem solving

Creative thinking isn’t as random as it may seem. Using the PRIZM process with an experienced PTS facilitator a group of 5-15 people can generate not just one solution, but hundreds of ideas in as short a time as one hour.


PRIZM uses a systematic process that has three key outcomes:

  • It streamlines the question asking process – so identifying the key issue is focused and accurate.
  • It generates huge numbers of ideas, reducing the time required to get to the solution.
  • It creates improved communication, teamwork and decision-making.

The PRIZM process uses pattern recognition and knowledge transformation and works through a 7 stage process. Each stage has its own theory, language, rigour and transition to the next stage.


Filters ensure that no ideas are lost and are available for later use.


If you have been worrying about unresolved issues and demanding challenges that never seem to get sorted out, then PRIZM is exactly what you need and is an ideal tool if your organisation is working through the good2GREAT process.

“The several times we have run PRIZM we have been amazed at the outputs; 21 patents in 2 weeks; 15 months saving in a lead-time manufacturing problem; over £10m won in design improvements over 18 months – and the list goes on!”  Aircraft manufacturer


If you would like your organisation to be more innovative and you can see that something needs to be done, then call us on 0845 458 9461 to discuss how PRIZM will generate the solutions you need, quickly and easily or email us for more information.