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What makes our sales training different? It’s all to do with numbers!

There are hundreds of sales training programmes around so what makes this one different? It’s all to do with numbers!


Sales people need to sell. They need to sell consistently and to clients who will become long term customers. Poor sales = poor profits.


The challenge with any training programme is that good sales people don’t want to be locked in a classroom all day doing all that dreary process stuff. If they’re good sales people they will thrive on action, being out there at the sharp end.


However, if you want your sales team to help your organisation to step up from good2GREAT – then they will need to bite the bullet and do some training. PTS training is:

  • A step beyond all the usual stuff – it looks at expanding the sales team’s understanding of the sale and giving them a different perspective.
  • Fun (or they’ll get bored, and sales people usually have a low boredom threshold)
  • Profit generating – with live action, in the classroom with real customers – and real sales!

Does it work? Our clients tell us so:

“Never before have I been in a programme that makes such a lot of profit for an organisation.”


If that sounds like something your sales team would appreciate – pick up the phone and call us on 0845 458 9461 or drop us an email for more information.