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Tiger teams


Every organisation has issues that get in the way of business going smoothly. Sometimes they’re small and can be ignored – until they get bigger. Sometimes nobody has the time to dig the roots of the problem out and, before you know it, the issue is affecting more and more of the organisation.


The Tiger Teams programme was developed to address internal problems quickly and efficiently. A Tiger Team is a virtual team of people with exceptional abilities in different aspects of your operation who are dedicated to digging out and rectifying those issues that hold back success. (It’s a really great way to move things forwards if you’re involved in the good2GREAT programme.)


The Tiger Team programme focuses on developing:

  • Consultative skills to enable team members to obtain relevant information and provide sound advice
  • Communication skills to ensure that information flows around the organisation effectively and that critical facts are brought to light
  • Coaching skills to help them educate and develop others in the organisation to recognise issues in the early stages, before they become critical
  • Diplomacy, to ensure that they smooth the way when they are operating in someone else’s department.



A focused project team ready to troubleshoot issues who learn to spot problems early and create sustainable solutions will make a real difference to your organisation’s performance. Find out more by calling us on 0845 458 9461 or email for more information.